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Introducing Zipperty™
 Designed to "even things up a bit" in the playground.

Whilst "new to market this year", Zipperty™ has already won a number of prestigeous awards and undergone several years of real life trials in schools.
It provides safe, independent, fun and therapeutic alternative transport to a wheelchair, offering a young person "instant liberation", exercise and an enviable level of fun..
Lots of features, different seating arrangements, leg supports, sizes and even an optional sonar navigation aid for the blind and partially sighted.
We will customise it to perfectly fit the pilot's exact requirements.
It takes only minutes to get the hang of (see Mark's first go, below)

But it's biggest and best feature by a hundred miles is:
... it's a great deal of Fun!

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The Zipperty™ above is in the most basic form and without any additional leg supports / restraints fitted. This pilot had very limited use of his legs and we later added a support net rather than rigid foot restraints as this allowed him much greater freedom of movement. Finding the best arrangement will of course require some interaction and discussion.
Similarly, alterations to wheel sizes and turning handle positions allow considerable variances to gearing and this can be matched to suit the pilot's arm strength and flexion. This is of course extremely useful as he or she grows and develops.

The initial production run is now in progress and we will have units available from the beginning of August 2016. We have currently two models the smaller one designed for youngsters up to the age of 9 and the larger one from 10 to 16.

Initially we will be selling
Zipperty™ directly ourselves as we wish to gain as much first hand experience from early sales as possible to enable us to explore how best to meet the needs of our customers and better define how we can offer effective customisation efficiently. 

If you would like to have a chat about
Zipperty™ then please contact us intially by email and if you wish let us have a phone number and one of us will get back to you a.s.a.p.

For further information contact:  bernie@enabledtransport.co.uk

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